Minstrel and Girl

The Minstrel and the girl from the beach sat on an old rotted dock that jutted out over the rocks into the blue/green water of the sea.

The Minstrel sat cross-legged while the girl from the beach sat with her feet in the frothy white water breaking against the dock. The girl’s Hounds playfully romped in the waves on the shore, chasing each other and barking at the gulls riding the wind, just, out of the Hounds reach.

The Minstrel noticed that the girl from the beach seemed distant and lost in her own thoughts.
He uncrossed his legs and let his feet join hers in the roll of the sea. He spoke softly to her and asked, “Is everything okay? You seem to have something that is bothering you.”

She managed a small smile and nodded her head in agreement. “I am thinking about the upcoming Hunting Season. I am thinking about how there will be more Hounds abandoned than there is space in the shelters. I am thinking about all of the pain and the fear, the hunger and the infinite feeling of sadness and frustration that this time ushers in. It becomes like a never ending nightmare where you wake up again and again only to fall completely helpless back into the same blackly painted dream."

The Minstrel felt a change in the air, the soft warm breeze of summer becoming a colder, sharper wind that hinted of the coming of winter.
Shivering slightly he removed his jacket and draped it over the girl from the beach's shoulders. He asked her, "I don't know about this time...this Hunting Season. I don't think I want to know. What can we do?"

She pulled his jacket tight around her and spoke,
"We must continue to March, we must stand right here, right now and make a pact. We must make our very best and most excellent promise that no matter what we hear or what we see, we will continue to Believe! We must remain true to our vow to fight for the Great Hunting Hounds of Spain for as long as it takes. We must find a way to help the Shelters in Spain as much as we can and then find a way to help a little more!"
She paused for a moment, wiping tears from her eyes. She watched her Hounds carefully and then then said, "The most important part though,...the part that is the hardest to explain...is this single moment right now. It's you and me... you and me and 9634 other Humans... Making a Connection..."
"It is us finding our way home through the forest, through that darkness on the edge of town. It is us standing together, holding each other up when we need the help, being a shoulder to cry on when tears are all we can find. It's us punching our fists into the air to count the wins! (we count each and every one!)
It's us... Making a connection, that in absolute and unwavering terms, in every language and under every flag says; ...for the Great Hunting Hounds of Spain we will stand, shoulder to shoulder and heart to heart ( it's the heart that matters most) and we...(always plural, never singular) We March!"
Till It Shines!