“It's amazing how you can speak right to my heart
Without saying a word you can light up the dark
Try as I may I could never explain
What I hear when you don't say a thing”

The Minstrel found himself staring hard into a deep, dark chasm. A jagged, ragged hole in the earth that left him wishing he could turn his eyes and walk away. He looked down and felt a cold breeze rising from the chasm, a cold that permeated his clothing and chilled him to his bones.
(At the bottom, which looked so far away...he saw shapes and outlines of movement.)

In the distance he heard explosions and his eyes saw fire in the sky.

He heard the voice of the girl from the beach coming up from within the chasm, “Humans…always blowing something or somebody up.”
(He could more clearly see that there were Human shapes at the bottom of the chasm. They seemed to be moving frantically.)

Stretching across the great chasm was a tightrope. The Minstrel thought back to his youth. He remembered the excitement and sense of fascination he had when watching the high wire artists of the circus. He found this tightrope left him with a feeling of absolute dread. He noticed that there was a group of people gathered on both sides of the tightrope, both sides of the chasm.

Softly and timidly the Hound appeared. Against the backdrop of a sky filled with stars, painted in the glow (and tears) of the fires in the sky, she walked cautiously towards the tightrope.

As she approached the tightrope the Humans around her tried to dissuade her from going out onto the rope. They yelled, clapped their hands and cursed at her.

The Minstrel became frightened for the Hound and joined with them,

From somewhere deep inside the chasm came the voice of the girl from the beach saying, “you must let her go…she is chasing Hope.”
(He could see the Humans at the bottom. They were working together on something…in an organized fashion.)

He watched as the Hound began her journey across the tightrope. Each step a delicate balancing act. Her head held high and her tail up.
He heard the voices of the Humans on the other side; they spoke with words of encouragement that left him with the feeling that the Hope she chased…lived within them, it lived on the side she was walking towards.

At about the halfway point she stopped. It was apparent that she had become frightened. The Humans on the side she was walking towards became still. The Humans on the side she was coming from had left. (perhaps having seen, and left to follow a shiny object)

From within the chasm he heard her voice again, “I told you…when you come must bring courage.”
He did not understand exactly what she meant.
He stood stone like trying to comprehend what she was wanting him to do.

It happened very quickly, but seemed to play out in slow motion. A woman who rescues Hounds, from the side of Hope, suddenly started out across the tightrope. She did not show fear, nor seem concerned for her well being. It was clear to the Minstrel that the thing that mattered most to her...was the Hound. (its the heart that matters most)
She arrived at the Hound and together they walked across the tight rope to safety. Cheers of joy erupted on the side of Hope.

Looking into the chasm the Minstrel now saw the faces of many he recognized. They were the Rescue Workers, and the Shelter Workers he knew. Puzzled about why they were in the chasm he called out to them,
“Why are you down there? What is it you are working on?’

Her voice answered back,
“I told you to bring courage. We never know if Humans will or won’t. Today, what we witnessed was sheer selfless courage... today the very best part of a Human heart shone with the brilliant light of Hope!"

Still confused he asked,
“I don’t understand, you did not answer my question. What is it you are working so hard on down there?”

Her voice rose up with a sense of confidence and purpose,
“We are building a net at the bottom of this chasm. It’s our life’s work. It’s who we are. The Hounds are chasing Hope and we…we must be ready to catch them if ever they fall.”

“The smile on your face lets me know that you need me
There's a truth in your eyes sayin' you'll never leave me
The touch of your hand says you'll catch me if ever I fall..."