Song for an Angel

The Minstrel and the girl sat together on the beach at sunset. That time when the sea and sky become as one.

The brilliant orange of the sun seemingly setting both the sky and sea around it on fire. The girls Hounds lay in front of them, also watching the day make its way into the night.

The breeze softly pushed back the hair from the girls face and she asked, “Do you believe in Angels?”

The Minstrel thoughtfully answered, “Yes, yes I do. I believe they are all around us, every second of our lives.”

She nodded her head in agreement and said, " I have a question for you. Have you ever heard of a Rescue Angel?"

Considering her words carefully he answered with a question of his own, “What exactly is a Rescue Angel?”

She looked fondly at her Hounds for a moment and then said, “Throughout Spain, and the world, there are Humans disguised as Angels who spend their very lives, determined to, and trying to save the lives of the Great Hunting Hounds of Spain.
Words alone cannot express what these Angels disguised as Humans do. Their efforts are tireless and mostly go unnoticed except by the Hounds they save.
Rescue Angels are Hounds who have been saved by these Humans. Hounds that suffered mightily at the hands of the Galgueros, but were saved… and forever these Angels disguised as Humans.
Rescue Angels cannot by themselves, save the lives of their brothers and sisters, but…the acts they perform are irreplaceable and nothing short of miracles. They require that you believe to be able to see. The only fear I have is that this may be too much for you to comprehend or perhaps to hard for you to believe in.”

He noticed both a faint smile on her face, and that her eyes had filled with tears. He spoke to her softly saying, “Please tell me, I promise I will believe.”

She moved closer to him, took his hand in hers and said, “Watch.”

In that simple second it takes to blink an eye, her Hounds were changed… transformed, they had grown the wings of Angels. The air around them seemed to shimmer and dance. It possessed a glow that appeared other worldly. There was a smell in the air that was different as well; it was like that of the mountains, just after a thunderstorm had ended… the smell of the world when it was new.

The Hounds began to run and to fly at the same time. Their paws skimming over the choppy surface of the sea, their wings effortlessly gliding them through the air.

Unable to fully grasp what his eyes were witnessing, he began to shake and felt his eyes fill with tears. She squeezed his hand softly and the shaking subsided, the tears did not.

He uttered the words “I have seen many things as I have Marched, I have never seen anything quite like this.”

She smiled and squeezed his hand even harder. She reached over and wiped a tear from the corner of his eye and said. “They have much to do tonight and it is of the greatest importance.”

Beginning to regain his composure from what he had just witnessed he asked, “Where is that they are going to go?”

She turned in the sand to face him; she reached out and took hold of his other hand. She spoke in a whisper and said, “They will travel a great distance tonight, to the great country of Spain. There they will search with their hearts, and listen with their eyes, they will find a Hound, one who is injured, or one who is forgotten, one hiding in the shadows, or one imprisoned in a cage to small, one starving to death in an alley, or one being chased across a field, possibly one taking their last breath before life ends.”

He began to sob uncontrollably and asked, “What will they do then?"

She, with her tears flowing down her cheeks replied, “They are Rescue Angels, they cannot save the lives of the others. Their wings are made of hope. So, they wrap these Hounds tightly in their wings and they stay with them, holding them and comforting them until they run in the stars or they are saved. They wrap hope around them, for as long as it takes.

It began to softly rain. He felt the warm salty drops rolling down his face. She looked into the sky, smiled and said, “I have learned to see rain as a sign of hope, it washes the world anew and brings with it possibility. See...hope...and possibility... they are the stuff miracles are made from...