Possibility Star

This is a story about Raising Awareness…it’s also a story about the Dedication of every one of you out there who March in the name of and for The Great Hunting Hounds of Spain.

The Minstrel found himself sitting alone on a beach at sunrise. The skies a perfect mix of purples and greys. He looked for the old man, but his eyes did not find him. He wished for calm seas and safe travels wherever the old man’s journey had taken him.

He gazed down the beach and saw two Hounds running and dancing in waves as they kissed the shore. He saw a woman carefully watching the wave...in that very moment the wave rolled back into the sea…she would draw the most beautiful images of Hounds in the perfectly exquisite canvass of sand that was left behind. He watched as the wave would sweep back in and erase all that she had created. She would then immediately begin composing her picture again.

He walked up to her and looked at the beautiful image she had created. He noticed that in the sand around the image was a precise frame made of paw prints. This puzzled him, because her Hounds were tumbling and rolling with the waves further down the beach. He asked her how she created the frame.
“Oh I did not create that frame, that is the work of my Carinha…she is always and in all ways by my side.”

He watched as another wave swept away the beauty of what she had created. As the wave rolled back, with an absolute sense of purpose, she began again.

He asked her “why is it that you continue to create such beauty only to have it disappear into the sea?”

She smiled and told him “I do it so they will see it and ask me about it. I do it to open their hearts and minds to why it is We March and who it is We March for.”

Looking down the beach he did not see another soul. Confused he asked, “so you do all of this on the chance that...if'...someone walks by they will see it?”

She smiled again and said to him “No mister, my silly Minstrel man. I don’t do all this for...'if'…I do it for...'when’.

“Every dream she dreams….she dreams on…The Possibility Star”